Teilnehmerliste OEPS 2010

Scuderia Kaitserrari - Finland


Scuderia Kaitserarri and Kai Kivekäs is probably one the most accomplished model car racers from Finland. His team has been a fixture at several races throughout Europe over the past 4 years. Kai is working closely with Mathias Parke tuned Motor Modern chassis, and has had several sucsses with this chassis over the years. Kai has also confirmed that Mathias Parke will be part of the driving strength at the Copenhagen round of OEPS 2010.

Body: #1 Audi R10 TDI

Chassis: Kaitserrari - MoMo

Drivers: Kai Kivekäs (Finland)- Pekka Nurkkanen (Finland) - Jarkko Juhola (Finland) - Mathias Parke (Germany) 

NDW Works Team - Netherlands/Germany

NDW Works Team is now the youngest, both as a team and the medium age of the drivers, which is under 20! These guys are among the best in Europe and will be among the top OEPS racers.

Body: #2 Audi R10 TDI

Chassis: NDW

Drivers: Ramon Trimborn (Germany) - Nick De Wachter (Netherlands) - Tobias Muenchberger (Germany)

Team Sloefspeed - Belgium


Team Sloefspeed has been racing model cars for a long time, and build very nice and fast cars. Team Sloefspeed races the #14 Kolles Audi R10


Car: #14 Kolles Audi R10


Chassis: tba


Drivers: Björn van Campenhout (Belgium) - Dirk Baele (Belgium) - Hubert Jacob (Belgium)

 Team Badet Racing - Norway

Badet Racing is the top Norwegian model car team, pushing very hard for top results. They will surely be among the very top OEPS teams.

Body: #007 Gulf Aston Martin LMP

Chassis: SLOTfabrik SLP MK. IIIB

Drivers: Børge Haug (Norway) - Glenn Wennerberg (Norway) - Marcel Oosterling (Netherlands)

Team Charlie's Angels - Denmark

Charlie's Angels was named after the classic TV series by infamous racer/organiser Tamar Nelwan during the 2008 EEC where team principal Pål Hanson was rarely seen at the races but was on the phone a lot. The driving force has good experience in international racing and should be able to push their way into the top half of the field.

Body: #009 Gulf Aston Martin LMP1

Chassis: Tifosi Viking Mk. IV

Drivers: Mark Sander (Denmark) - Rasmus Johansen (Denmark) - Pål Hanson (Norway)

Team R.I.C.H. - Switzerland

Team RICH is lead by the venerable Swiss (But Dutch resident) Gabriel Inhäbitt. As a team they have only one seasons international model car racing behind them. They are the official works Metris team. So far they have done extremely well and will be among the top teams in the 2010 OEPS.

Body: #9 Patron Acura LMP

Chassis: Choice of four - RPM (raced in Toronto and Oslo - EEC 2nd meeting), Metris SLP Gen II (raced in Herentals EEC 1st meeting), Michi Hirt (raced in Alsdorf EEC 3rd meeting), or Fola's latest (the chassis one needs to win!)

Drivers: Gabriel Inäbnit (Swizerland) - Gaby Fischer (Swizerland) - Michael "Michi" Hirt (Switzerland)

M.A.D. Racing - Canada

The newest addition to the OEPS 2010 series is this North American team of Mark Campbell. As yet there is no news about the team mates, hopefully it will be some of the very talented Canadian or American slot racers. Mark will surely give his all to show that even "The New World" can compete at the top level of model car racing.

Body: #6 Porsche RS Spyder

Chassis: Julia 1B

Drivers: Mark Campbell (Canada) - Dieter Jens (Germany) - Alex Jens (Germany)

Team SLOTfabrik - Germany

Slotfabrik is the team of Fola Osu a master builder and a very acomplished slotracer. Fola uses his own SLOTfabrik SLP chassis with lots of built in gizmos. This is a team to watch out for as they will most certainly be at the very front of the field.

Body: #17 Pescarolo Peugeot 908 HDi FAB

Chassis: SLOTfabrik SLP Mk. IIIB

Drivers: Fola Osu (Nigeria) - Pierre Jung (Germany)

Jäger-Team - Germany

Joachim is the motor-tester of the german SLP series and his motors have never been critised in 3 years. He also constructed his own chassis which will have its LMP debut in the OEPS. He's also on the organisers in Trier, as it's his home track. All in all agreat addition to the 2010 OEPS.

Body: #26 XM Acura LMP

Chassi: Welsch SLP

Drivers: Pierre Stein (Germany) - Mike Hampel (Germany) - Joachim Welsch (Germany)

Paddle Racing - Belgium



The first mother and son team to enter the OEPS! Louise is by now a well known model car racer, and has built concourse winning cars for the IMCA Worlds, and has done very well in the 2009 EEC cup for GT cars. It will be very interesting to see how Louise and Loic will fair in OEPS.


Body : #30 Lola B07 LMP


Chassis: Julia 1b


Drivers: Louise Valkenborgh (Belgium) - Loïc Valkenborgh (Belgium)

RRC Racing - Norway

This is the second year of serious international racing for RRC neé Damstredet. They have managed some very good results in the past and will build on the experiences gained in 2008 and 2009.

Body: #37 Lola B07/10 LMP

Chassis: ??

Drivers: Rolf Andersen (Norway) - Roy Bråten (Norway) - Charles Dresberg (Norway)

Team ACR - Germany


This is the reigning IMCA EEC champion Ralph Seif and team mates. This will most probably be one of the absolute top teams of the OEPS 2010.

Body: #40 Lola B07/10 LMP open top

Chassis: Julia 1B SLP

Drivers: Ralph Seif (Germany) - Andre Lindberg (Germany) - Sven Manti (Germany)

Team Fox Racing - Netherlands

A father and son combination who both love the exotic cars that have been seen over the last decades. In their quest to race these cars, their home is packed with rare, hard to find kits that a lot of modellers would kill for, and we can be sure their #20 Dyson Porsche will be looking very 1/1-ish.

Body: #20 Dyson Porsche RS Spyder LMP

Chassis: PlaFit SLP2

Drivers: Dirk-Jan de Vos (Netherlands) - David de Vos (Netherlands)

LRD International II - Germany


Body: #16 Dyson Porsche RS Spyder


Chassis: LRD International


Drivers:  Heinz-Peter Schumacher (Germany) - Jörg Mews (Germany) -  Boris Baum (Germany)

Team Slottec - Germany

Team Slottec is a SLP stallwart in Germany and has numerous good results in the book. They are a very welcome addition to the 2010 OEPS, and will surely show well.

Body: #66 De Ferran Acura LMP

Chassis: Slotline SLP

Drivers: Sacha Kuss (Germany) - Peter Hohne (Germany) 

Team Vikings Racing - Denmark

Team Vikings Racing is a joint venture by racers from two of the most prominent clubs in the Copenhagen area in Denmark. They have allready won several local Gr. C, GT and even SLP type races. The team is as an entity relatively new to international slot racing, but should still be able to make a very good showing.

Body: #07 2008 Sebring Peugeot 905 FAB HDI

Chassis: SLOTfabrik Evo

Drivers: Henrik Hasager (Denmark) - Robert Castella (Denmark) - Michael Huniche (Denmark)

Scuderia Minimale - Denmark

Scuderia Minimale has done lots of international slot racing over the past 5 year, mostly however with 1/32 cars. So this is the first all out 1/24 model car showing by this team. They have one whole season of racing LMP's behind them and hope to make it into the top half. Drivers represent three Copenhagen area model car racing clubs.

Body: #15 Kolles Audi R8 LMP

Chassis: PlaFit SLP2

Drivers: Gorm Nørgaard (Denmark) - Søren Thomsen (Denmark) - Martin Borch (Denmark) 

Team Dr. Slot - Germany

Team Dr. Slot the team of Martin Bartlemes is one of the founders of the German SLP series, and will surely be among the front runners in the OEPS. 

Body: #6 Penske Porsche RS Spyder


Chassis: ??


Drivers:  Martin Bartlemes (Germany) - Yannick Horn (Germany) - Lukas Hofmann (Germany) - Michael Schluckebier (Germany)

 Team Trondheim - Norway

Team Trondheim has it's base in the club who has the newly built MTT track, but they have also chosen to take Jostein Vandås from Oslo into the driving strength. All three drivers have done lots of slotracing focusing more and more on model car racing during the last few years. It is good to see their return to International model car racing

Body: #7 Peugeot 908 HDi FAB

Chassis: ??

Drivers: Frank Rødahl (Norway) - Jostein Vandås (Norway) - Kristian Hottran (Norway)

LRD International I - Netherlands/Germany


Body: #5 Penske Porsche RS Spyder


Chassis: LRD International


Drivers: Martijn de Kanter (Netherlands) - Robby Mauer (Germany) - Gerd Schumacher

Team No Limits - Germany

One of the top DPM and German SLP teams. Clearly a team to look out for as they will certainly be among the top runners.

Body: #15 Loewes Acura LMP

Chassis: ??

Drivers: Peter Oberbillig (Germany) - Alex Ortmann (Germany) - Jörg Hart (Germany)

Team Racing for Julia II - Germany

Body: #44 Lola 

Chassis: Julia 1

Drivers: Marcus Hasse (Germany) - Peter Juchen (Germany)

MH-Racing - Germany


Body: #12 Lola B07/9


Chassis: PlaFit SLP2


Drivers : Huber Michael (Germany) - Wilke Michael (Germany)

  DE-Tomaso-Raceteam - Germany

The De Tomaso Raceteam is another German SLP stalwart that we welcome to the ranks of the OEPS!

Body.: #31 Essex Porsche RS Spyder

Chassis:  SLOTfabrik Mk. III

Drivers: Huber Thomas (Germany) - Hans Steininger (Austria) - Vinzenz Forsthuber (??)

Weamteam - Netherlands

Body: #7 Penske Porsche RS Spyder

Chassis: Julia 1

Drivers: Erwin Post (Netherlands) - Wietse Oosterhof (Netherlands) - André van der Zee (Netherlands)  

 Belgium Junior Team - Belgium

Body: #8 LMS Gulf Lola Aston Martin LMP

Chassis: ??

Drivers: Quinten Vanspauwen (Belgium) - Bart Gijzen (Belgium) - Thomas Brebois (Belgium)

Team ausFORCE - Australia

ausFORCE is the team od Jan Roestorf, comin all the way from down under to this last round of the OEPS that also doubles as the World Endurance Championship.

Body: #007 LMS Gulf Aston Martin LMP

Chassis: SLOTfabrik SLP MK. IIIB

Drivers: Jan Roestorf (Australia) - ?? (Australia) - ?? (Australia)